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Product Emulators

Eagle Product Emulators are downloadable PC-based software applications that simulate, on your computer, the operation of an actual unit. These virtual sonar/GPS units perform just like the real ones!

While the emulators don't actually navigate or show "live" sonar returns (no transducer or antenna connection) all other features are fully functional. Emulators for recording/sonar/GPS units play back recorded sonar logs and display MapCreate™ custom maps.

The GPS Simulator command operates normally in the emulator but, to get the full effect, mapping data is necessary. We have created several MapCreate™ 6 sample maps that you can download to use with mapping capable emulators. Sample Navionics® maps (showing marine chart data) are included in the emulators of products that have memory card reading capability.

Product emulators are useful and fun whether you are a prospective buyer, a new owner or a seasoned pro.  These emulators allow you to:

  • try a product before you buy it
  • practice operating the unit in the comfort of your home - the next time you're in the field, you'll spend less time learning and more time having fun
  • experiment with advanced features and settings to get maximum performance from your unit
  • review sonar logs recorded in your favorite fishing areas - become more familiar with an area's structure and underwater terrain without burning more boat fuel
  • review boat path and sonar log in split-screen mode, if the GPS module was connected when the sonar log was recorded, seeing on the map where you were when the sonar log was recorded

Since product emulators operate in the same manner as the actual product, we recommend that you refer to the free online owners manual for detailed instructions on running the emulator, or you can refer to our basic operation guide.

Note: If you have problems with a Product Emulator, please check the FAQs for possible solutions.

Note:  Exit Services and POI data have been removed from the emulator background maps

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