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NavTrans™ software is required when using Navionics® ECharts™ in Eagle units. To install NavTrans™ software:
  1. Download the self extracting exe file and run it.
  2. To run it, click the Start button, choose Run, then Browse, then Open Navinst.exe then click OK.
  3. Choose where to store NavTrans™ on the hard drive, then click OK. The default location is C:\Navionic, which will work fine in most cases.

To use NavTrans™ software with FloppyCharts:
  1. Download the self extracting exe file and run it.
  2. Run the installed program called NavTrans.exe (defaults install to C:\navionic)
  3. Connect the unit to the PC. Choose the baud rate if you need to transfer data at a rate slower than 115,200.
  4. Insert a FloppyChart in the disk drive and click the INSTALL CHART button
  5. After the program connects, enter the directory for installation and then wait for completion. This may take a few minutes.
  6. Click the TRANSFER button
  7. After connecting to the unit, select the file to send to the unit
  8. If there is more than one map in the file, select the desired map
  9. Select the flash section(s) to which the map will be sent
  10. Wait for completion

To transfer a previously installed map to a unit, skip steps 4 - 5.

Each FloppyChart may only be used with one GPS unit. Once a unit has been used to install a chart, the chart will be tied to that unit. If you get error 9955 when transferring a chart that was installed with NavTrans™ version 1.0, reboot and then select the old serial format option under serial setup.

For more information on Navionics® electronic charts, see their web site at