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GPS Data Manager (GDM)

GPS Data Manager V.6 (GDM6) allows you to upload and download GPS data from your unit to your computer. You can easily access and manipulate Waypoints, Routes, Trails and Icons. A great tool for planning a route, the GPS Data Manager V.6 allows you to build a collection of route information that you can download to your unit.

GDM6 is the perfect tool for persons who only desire to use their unit as a plotter or those who only use preprogrammed electronic charts with their unit. GDM6 was created for these users who do not require the full mapping features of the MapCreate™ 6 software. Note: Saving GPS data to a preprogrammed electronic chart could possibly cause the electronic chart to fail - please check with the manufacturer of the electronic chart before saving GPS data from GDM6 to the memory card, or use a separate memory card for storing GPS data from GDM6.

GDM6 also provides a peek at some of the MapCreate™ 6 features for those who are considering purchasing MapCreate™ 6. GDM6 and MapCreate™ 6 data management software is very similar, but GDM6 does not include any mapping data. Because GDM6 and MapCreate™ 6 have similar data management features, GDM6 will not install on a computer that has any version of MapCreate™ 6 installed.

GDM6 works with the following units:  FishElite®, FishStrike®, IntelliMap®, SeaChamp® and SeaCharter®.

GPS Data Manager V.6    download now  (7.31 MB)
Do NOT download if any version of MapCreate™ 6 is already installed.

System Requirements:
GPS Data Manager software will run on any IBM compatible machine running Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP. 20MB of hard disk space is required.

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